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All the used medicines composing these products are made from Traditional Chinese therapies and were proved safe for human body many years ago.
It is benefited from its special feature of being extracts of natural plants and not harmful to the human body.
Do you want to reduce your tummy and lose weight?
I can recommend Green World’s Intestine Cleansing Tea, Meal Cellulose, Slimming Capsules and Chitosan.

Composition:   Spirulina Platensis Extract, Cassia Seed, Hawthorn, Coix Seed, Green Tea, etc.

This product takes the extract of Spirulina and many other kinds of valuable natural Chinese herbs such as green tea, cassia seed, mulberry, hawthorn, chrysanthemum and so forth as its ingredients.

Being processed by advanced technology and equipment, it has effects including:

* Discharging the toxin out of the body,
* Eliminating halitosis,
* Promoting moderate easy defecation,
* Cleaning intestinal tract,
* Providing nutrients and
* Keeping balance of nutrition and metabolism.

Green World’s Intestine Cleansing Tea:TUMMY 1

* Can moisten intestinal wall,
* Soften those dry and hard old excreta, * alleviate the condition of intestinal motility disorders,
* Thoroughly clean the folds of intestinal tract,
* Heal intestinal mucosal injury,
* Restore intestinal function.

In this way, it makes old excreta no longer adhere to intestinal wall and be excluded smoothly with defecation.

On one hand, Intestine Cleansing Tea can discharge the toxin out of the body; on the other hand, it can provide nutrition to the body and maintain the physical health of the body.
Long-term consumption of Intestine Cleansing Tea will not lead to toxin or any other side effects.

Registering as a Green World Distributor is N2100. It is cheaper to join as a distributor and save money when buying your products.

For SALES ORDERS & Business Opportunity, please contact:

Mr. Recs Olamide
Golden Touch International,
Suite 215 B, DBM Plaza,
Wuse, Zone 1,
(by Allied brother Junction)
08139156051 or 08163748094

Green World Website for Products.

weight loss

Tummy trimmy

Tummy trimmy


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