Benefit – Functions of GREEN WORLD LECITHIN SOFTGEL Nigeria

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* Strengthen the blood circulation.
* Improve blood serum lipid.
* Eliminate peroxide.
* Reduce the cholesterol in the blood.
* Reduce the fat in the blood.
* Increase the density of HDL to reduce blood lipid.
* Increase the amount of acetylcholine in brain cells.
* Activate and renew the cells.
* Resume and improve the function of brain.

* Blood pressure.
* Memory loss. Use with Deep sea.
* Firm breast.
* Hair growth.
* Prevent diabetes.
* Intelligence creation.
* Liver.
* Boost immune system.
* Increase metabolism.
* Constipation.
* Menopause.
* Brain care food.
* Blood circulation.
* Reduce cholesterol and fat in blood.
* Anti aging.
* Body health.
* Improve blood serum.
* Miscarriaging.
* Stress.
* Stroke.
* Pregnant women.

* Accelerate the renewal of the liver cells.
* Prevent fatty liver and hepatic Cirrhosis.
* Resume the liver function.
* Receive sugar, discharge it from the body.
* Promote the secretion of insulin.
* Reduce blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

It is a nerve transmitter, higher the amount of lecithin, the quicker and stronger is the transportation and memory respectively. Lecithin has a special effect on Intelligence Creation and Strong Memory.

FREE DELIVERY to offices and homes. Delivery available to all states in Nigeria.

Registering as a Green World Distributor is N2500. It is cheaper to join as a distributor and save money when buying your products. You can make lots of money selling the products.

For SALES ORDERS & Business Opportunity, pls contact:

Recs Olamide : 08139156051

We have DISTRIBUTORS in the UK, USA, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Paris, Ondo, Kano, Calabar, Benue, Gombe, Sokoto, Akwa Ibom, Benin, Ekiti, Onitsha, etc. Pls call for their no & name.



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